Agile Software Development and the Agile Enterprise

At the risk of looking like agile processes are the only interest in my life, I just wanted to drop a quick post about the principles behind the agile manifesto drawn up by the much feted “pioneers” of agile software development.

What I really like about the principles as that they are primarily business and delivery focussed.

Getting real working software into the business domain quickly, delivering real business advantage at the earliest possible stage, placing a top priority on customer satisfaction, and the collaboration between business and IT staff are important fundamentals.

Speedy and regular delivery of software sits comfortably with object or service orientation, but in any case must be modular, somehow.  This works well with a bottom up approach (where local problems are solved one by one and then pieced together into the final “strategic” solution) but I accept this sort of apparent anarchy and almost fatalistic view of what the big picture will ultimately be, sits uncomfortably with many people.

Perhaps the most important issue for me though is that to enable the agile enterprise, the software delivered needs to provide ongoing ability to adapt to business requirements, preferably without a major reliance on technical resources.

Whatever methodology you use to deliver the software system, the end result must be business agility.  This is what the business users want…

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