30 years of progress

I had to smile when I read Antique Software by Jason Kolb.

It brought back memories of my schooldays when my mate Paul Bryce (where are you now?) and I tried to get the best from a ZX80 with (I think) 1KB of RAM and a cassette tape recorder attached.  The “PC” (I am pretty sure that term had not yet been coined) was linked to my dad’s black and white portable telly.

We thought we were so cutting edge!

On the one hand it would be a laugh to go back to those days, but imagine no mobile phones, no digital TV, no internet (aggghhhh!) – I guess it would make us realise what a stunning technological revolution my generation has been privileged to witness in the last 30 years!

March 27th - someone at Blue Prism has just pointed out that I am still using technology from the dark ages.  Despite having a super light laptop and a mobile phone, I still find room on my desk for a Casio folding calculator from circa 1985.  Some things just continue to give you good service and a feeling of comfort, and the soft pad of calculator buttons does it for me.

Bathgate’s trusty desktop toolset

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