Another Fallout Between Business and IT?

My second comment on Bill Barr’s most interesting blog concerns his post Applied IT vs. Computer Science/Technology.

Wow – where to start – this post covers so much ground!

I hope he is not living up to his claim to be putting out ideas 5 years ahead of their time when he describes the “ever widening gap between the Business and IT” and “the miserable job the majority of IT has done with respect to delivering value to the business”.  I thought the gap was closing and that enterprise IT people these days are much more business focussed.

I think the role of the business analyst must be industry specific.  My experience of retail banking, utilities and telecoms is that the elusive creature does exist and these days (and it changes from year to year) they report into the business management line.  The role is usually to be process focussed, or perhaps process improvement focused.  In this regard, whilst the business operation fights BAU fires, the analysts focus on making things work better for the future, at the same time acting as an interface between the business and IT functions.

Perhaps the most interesting inference I took from Bill’s post (and I totally agree with him) is that the business community, whether represented by business analysts or not, should take more responsibility for applied IT at their local level.   This may be achieved more easily through education from the IT department than the business schools, however.

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