Tesco IT Maturity

I like reading CIO interviews and this one with Colin Cobain was particularly interesting.

Tesco has its knockers, for example see www.tescopoly.org, but you have to admire its business model and its success.

It looks like IT has played a central role in this.

Two themes from the interview leapt out and punched me in the face.  The first was an obvious willingness to differentiate by building rather than buying off the shelf applications.  Further than that, a desire to retain existing systems even if they were perceived to be legacy, and modernise them rather than replace so Tesco are not “using technology our competitors have access to”.  This might sound odd coming from someone with a vested interest in packaged software, but I like that.

The second and much greater point was expressed in a single quote from Colin “IT directors should not sell IT to the board; they should work with them to solve problems”. 

This is not just sage advice for IT directors.  Everyone working in IT at every level should have the same mindset.

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