It’s The Enterprise, Stupid!

Once again I find myself in total agreement with Bill Barr in that businesses want Agile Enterprise Architecture, not Agile Enterprise Architecture.  In other words, what the business cares about is having an agile enterprise, not whether you used an agile process to deliver.

That is not to say that agile processes have no merit.  It’s a bit like using PRINCE2*, for example as a project methodology.  It may help the project team, but looking back, no business cares about the how.  They are only interested in what you deliver.

I guess for once, IBM should take some credit for promoting the idea of the “On-Demand” business.  It got people thinking about one level of flexibility in the enterprise.  Nowadays, however, businesses want to go one step further.  They want “on demand” combined with “change on a whim”.

This is what small businesses have been doing forever.  A quick huddle, a market opportunity and two weeks later a new product is launched, whereas the big guys need months or years to launch a product.

What the enterprise needs now is to have the abilities to react more like a small business and this means agility.

I predict that this is the ground on which the major corporate battles of the next decade will be fought.




*  Disclaimer – Alastair Bathgate was once PRINCE2 qualified and believes it to be an excellent and useful methodology – hows are important to those tasked with delivery, mostly because they help determine the when which is always important to the business…

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  1. James Smith Says:

    Does ‘how’ not also relate to weather you use a Visual business process automation package like Automate vs Using a text based scripting language? In which case I would argue that the how becomes part of the what, since part of what you are delivering is the ability to maintain the business processes with minimal training.

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