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IT vs The Business – the Final Countdown?

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Part of my day job involves briefing industry analysts.  They don’t generally get much good press in the blogosphere.  Vendors pay them to write “independent” reports and buyers think that their reports are 100% biased even though they pay for the privilege of reading them.  Many have told of a theory that the various industry analysis charts (e.g. Magic Quadrants) being scored on the level of vendor contribution.

I can’t afford to take sides in this debate.  More precisely, Blue Prism can’t afford to pay any analysts so I don’t actually know the truth.  So our briefings tend to be a bit one way and the analysts rarely reveal any “trade secrets” to me, and we only get coverage if we happen to hit them exactly when they are particularly interested in our area (in fairness that does happen).

Anyway, whatever your views of the analyst community and there are some grey ones, this week I was very pleased to meet one guy who was very open, very helpful and offered some free insights into industry trends.

This is the first of a small number of small posts inspired by my meeting with Clive Longbottom of Quo Circa who was even kind enough to permit me to post his thoughts (so no doubt he will comment if I misrepresent him!).