The Wallet of the Future

I was reading this article about Barclaycard and Oyster preparing for the launch of the small payments card in the UK (in fact only in London).

Although, as a Barclays customer, and Oyster Card holder, this will mean one less card for my wallet, its only a tiny, rather limp step in the direction of the contactless payments of the future.

I believe my mobile phone is massively under-utilised.  It should have proximity technology built in for small payments, building access, passport control and other security access.  Furthermore, it should be a mobile wallet – not just cash – membership cards, business cards, affinity cards, car keys etc. The secure items will need iris/thumbprint recognition or PIN confirmation depending on risk.

I also want an mp3 player, a camera, web surfing and email, games, video, walkie talkie and organiser.  I will also want to have an easy back up routine in case I lose my phone!

I am prepared to pay much more for the phone and I expect it to be much larger than my current phone.

Oh, and I want it to be finished in red stingray leather.

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