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Enterprise Mashups – Composite 5.0???

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

I always thought of mashups as being internet based, for example using Google Maps to link to and locate your customers on a map, much like Google Analytics shows me an overlay of where my website visits come from.

This is all great stuff but not very enterprise.  So when I heard the term “Enterprise Mashup” coined recently, I listened carefully.  Then I read this post by Jeff Nolan, a top notch blogger who I have been following for ages.  Jeff contends that “mashup” is the new “composite” and that mashups can apply equally to the enterprise world as the private individual and SME sectors.  As Jeff says:

“The fact of the matter is that it’s just a word, whether you call them composite applications, web services orchestration, SOA, next generation EAI, or  mashups, it just shouldn’t matter”

I can be a bit slow sometimes but when I read this I suddenly realised that this is the space that my company, Blue Prism plays in.  I hadn’t considered Blue Prism to be about mashups, or even a composite app really.  It’s a robotic back office that can non-invasively integrate corporate systems and turn them into automated business processes.

There are a number of vendors taking this more front ended view of integration so I thought it might be of interest to highlight a few.  The common theme here is that integration is “code-free” and further up the software stack than traditional EAI techniques.