IT vs The Business – The IT View (and it’s grisly)

Blue Prism recently sponsored a survey on the use of Rogue IT in the enterprise (the results and conclusions are still being compiled).  I would like to thank the readers of this blog who contributed responses.  All respondents who left their name will get a copy of the results hopefully before the end of June.

In the meantime I have seen some sneak previews which I can selectively leak.  One series of questions dealt with the perceived expectations of the business – bear in mind that all respondents worked in enterprise IT – so this is the IT view.

Respondents were asked to agree/neutral/disagree with a set of statements.  Some highlights that surprised (or depressed) me:

Only 23% disagreed with the statement “Users feel that IT is not meeting their business needs”.

Only 10% disagreed with the statement “Users feel that IT takes too long to do anything” (53% positively agreed with this statement!).

62% agreed that “Users don’t appreciate the importance of IT governance”.

71% agreed that “Users don’t understand the complexities of IT delivery”.

A whopping 86% agreed that “Users expect IT to deliver projects to ever shorter deadlines”.

33% agreed and only 19% disagreed with “IT struggles to provide sufficient business agility”.

Perhaps the result that depressed me most was that only 24% agreed that “IT and users’ objectives are totally aligned.

Wow – let’s go away and think about that for a while…..

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