Enterprise 2.0 – is missing something?

I really like the idea of bringing the concepts of Web 2.0 into the enterprise.  Giving this the badge of Enterprise 2.0 may be helpful (although most people I know who work on the business side of the enterprise would not understand the term Web 2.0 so maybe it’s only helpful to the IT community).

Anyway, Ross Mayfield has an interesting transcription from the Enterprise 2.0 Conference which leads on collaboration (via wikis, social networks, blogs etc) as the big idea replacing the concept us old hacks might call Knowledge Management (KM).

All the talk I have seen from the conference is about harnessing corporate knowledge and combining the efforts of human beings.  In the Web 2.0 world, collaboration via wikis, blogs, RSS, social networking tools, bookmarking etc, have been great for individuals. But I think the enterprise is more complex than a group of social individuals in control of their own destiny. 

For a start people in the enterprise are bound by processes that must be adhered to, to meet policy, legal, compliance etc requirements or simply to provide consistent product or service delivery.  Secondly corporate data is required for use in these processes which often must be secure and not let outside the organisation.  Thirdly the data is fragmented, not just for security reasons, but because the enterprise has grown its systems infrastructure piece by piece and data has been isolated into silos that are independent of the business process.  Fourthly the data is held in systems that are invariably not web based.

The clever Enterprise 2.0 plays will be the ones that acknowledge the differences.

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