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Is SOA success down to the business/IT relationship?

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Clive Longbottom writing at The Register asks is SOA dead or alive?

Clive contrasts successes in Scandinavia against failures and lack of adoption in the UK and puts this down to the difference in the IT/Business relationship.  In Scandinavia the relationship is more aligned and this has resulted in an incremental approach to SOA based on solving one business problem at a time within the context of an overall long term aim.  In the UK, the IT function has seen SOA as a massive corporate wide infrastructure upgrade which leaves the first local project with disproportionate upfront costs to swallow into its business case.  This often results in the business choosing to go for cheaper packaged solutions or worse still, the oxymoronic (and plain moronic) “tightly coupled” SOA implementation.