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Should tactical solutions have an expiry date?

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Todd Biske raises an interesting point about tactical solutions.

Tactical solutions often become permanent because once a problem is off the radar, the importance of allocating budget and resource to the longer term strategic solution drops right down the priority list.


32% of IT Managers say “Stamp out Rogue IT”

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

My final sneak preview of the results of the Blue Prism Rogue IT Survey measures IT attitudes towards Rogue IT.

I was a little surprised at the 32% who agreed with the statement “Don’t allow it: Users should be restricted to only the tools the IT department gives them”.

However I was encouraged that these “enforcers” were more than balanced by the 52% of “pragmatists” who chose the option “Sometimes it’s OK: IT governance is important but business users need to have some local control and influence”.

The final 5% (let’s call them the “liberals”) suggested that “The IT department is just another supplier: Users should have the freedom to implement any solutions they want.”

What are your experiences of Rogue IT?  Do you encourage or restrict its use?  Do you take the laissez-faire approach or the draconian guard’s view?

The full survey is out next week.