Obstructive IT

Computer Weekly is reporting Gartner’s views that CIOs must “reassess the role of the IT function”.  The general thrust is that CIOs need to realise that there is some anarchy going on and with web downloads, collaboration tools and SaaS, business users are implementing their own solutions, whether the IT function likes it or not (and in fact the IT function often doesn’t even know).

You may remember our Rogue IT Survey which gives a lot of insight into why the user community is “doing its own thing”.

For Blue Prism’s part we are considering ways of making it easier to buy the product as an incremental purchase rather than a major investment decision and this does no more than put us in line with nearly every other enterprise software vendor.  So there is a trend and the CIO does need to think about this before anarchy runs rife in the organisation.

As a vendor, we are not trying to usurp the power of the IT department.  Indeed, I personally support a strong IT governance model.  However, many IT departments put so much governance, methodology and process in the way of good ideas that they become un-implementable and this is a shame.  The world of enterprise software is not changing – it has already changed.  Outdated processes and thoughts still remain from the Cobol/mainframe days and I do think that many IT departments simply follow rules for rules sake.

Time for some common sense and to see the bigger picture.  There is definitely room for some governance and process but when this is simply obstructive, you can’t blame the business users for looking for their own ways to solve problems.

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