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Computer Weekly Blogs

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

I have just discovered a range of blogs under the Computer Weekly banner, and expecting to see the usual journalist names (not that I have anything against the journos, they do a pretty good job), I was surprised to see a blog from a real CIO.

Adam Burstow offers insights from the CIO perspective and his blog is a call to action, at least by name, which is “Making IT Happen”.  If you are interested in CIO matters, it’s worth a read.

Radio Silence

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Don’t panic.  I am not thinking of joining in with the potential bloggers strike.

It’s just that things have been so busy, which has prevented me from posting for a while.  Lots of change going on at Blue Prism.  A new mood is emerging in the industries we work in.  In line, chronologically at least, with the start of the credit crunch, there seems to be a great deal more short-termism.  Capital budgets are being slashed, especially in IT.  There is increased demand for results PDQ.   Urgency is increasing.

As an enterprise software vendor you might think the IT budget cuts are a threat, but the opposite has occurred.  We fit in quite well to the new mood and our sales pipeline has never been busier.

Apart from sales (which is always the first priority) my time has been demanded on investment and recruitment matters, which anyone involved in running any sort of company will know is time draining, albeit highly interesting and often entertaining.  I hope to reveal more in due course, subject of course, to the usual array of confidentiality clauses 🙁