In praise of IT

Despite numerous articles on this blog criticising enterprise IT for not understanding business needs, I am a staunch supporter of the IT function and I try to make my comments constructive so as to help IT and their business colleagues deliver greater things.

So, I am definitely in favour of promoting IT successes.  This is much more than perception management.  Remember that Accenture, IBM, Cap Gemini and the like will all be proudly shouting about their accomplishments.  If you are a CIO bidding against an external vendor, then you better be able to demonstrate some successes and not a procession of failures.  The vendors will have a huge web of triumphal yarns to spin.

So, why not publish internal case studies?  Why not set up an intranet site, with progress/info/updates/successes (and failures – honesty is good)?  Why not spend a bit more time telling people about the good things you have done?  I often see IT people and old style CIOs who seem afraid of selling themselves.

You get a bullet in the head when things go wrong.  Take some credit when they go right!

A word of warning though, you better make sure that what you promote is the truth and not thinly veiled propaganda, which business staff will see through straight away.  That is where you are at a disadvantage to the external suppliers…

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