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iPhone is too expensive

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Whilst on the subject of mobile technology this morning, I was not surprised to stumble across a piece reporting that the launch of Apple’s iPhone in the UK appears to be flopping.

I opened this weblog in Feb 2007 with a post extolling my disinterest in the iPhone.  Sure, Apple is a master of design, especially the user interface and experience, but price is a big buying factor too and, to be frank, Apple has overestimated how much people are prepared to pay for these advantages.

The deal offered to operators (only O2 was brave enough to take it up) was vastly over-priced and smacks of arrogance.  Apple is in danger of losing its cool image if it continues to expect its customers to fork out such huge sums for products that are, at best, marginal enhancements on existing technology.  And worse, although I haven’t used one myself, I hear that SMS text messages are really tricky, and the iPhone cannot even access 3G services.

Personally, I may look into the price of an iPod Touch but I won’t be bothering with this version of the iPhone.

In the unlikely event that you were thinking of buying me an iPhone for Christmas, could I ask you to think again and perhaps bring a bottle of wine instead?

Mobile phone ≠ wallet…yet

Monday, November 26th, 2007

I am still not sure how I ever got onto this soap box, since there is no specific implication for Blue Prism. I just think it’s common sense that if I have to carry my mobile phone everywhere I go, why can’t I also use it as my wallet?

Membership cards, physical access, small payments, car key, house key, TV remote control are just some of the many applications my current mobile phone could probably already be adapted to manage, if only the interaction was enabled by the various vendors agreeing standards and commercial terms.

At least contactless small payments (surely one of the simplest applications) is finally on the way in the UK.  It’s good to see that Royal Bank of Scotland heard my plea and is starting to pilot this technology in Edinburgh.