Barclaycard “joined-up” thinking

There’s a mood of change at Barclaycard.  Once seen as the problem child of the Barclays Group, it appears to be much more loved these days.  A recent trading update advised of strong profit growth in the UK division and the US arm on course to make a profit in 2007.

It’s not just improvement in bad debt provisions.  A more independent focus and innovation (rare in financial services) is driving the brand forwards.

I criticised Barclaycard for lack of ambition when they launched the One Pulse card.  I feel absolutely certain that their recent decision to invest in mobile payment market testing, is a direct response to my post.  🙂

Of course, it is impossible for any organisation, no matter how large, to do this on their own.  But all the technologies already exist and it only takes some co-operation on the technical as well as commercial side between the different parties to make things work for the customer.  In this case the parties are Barclaycard (banking), Nokia (handset manufacturer), O2 (mobile network), TfL (Transport for London), Visa (card issuer), TranSys (consortium that runs the Oyster proximity payment system).

What a fabulous piece of joined up thinking!  I’d love to be one of the guinea pigs.  Furthermore, I am already a customer of every one of these organisations.  The bad news?  There are only 500 trial places available.  Anyone know how I can get on the list???

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  1. Ed French Says:

    Hey, I’ve come across a great new technology:

    Wireless chargerless token technology which uses portable metal discs- oh, hang on a minute….! 😉

    Seriously, I think I remember a technology like this being trialled by BT and others in the mid ’90s- the barriers to adoption tend to be more commercial than technical. I believe that it’s already in widespread use in some far-eastern countries.

  2. Alastair Bathgate Says:


    I couldn’t agree more. The only problem is that, whilst all the pieces of the solution exist, they are owned by different organisations with their own vested interests, so it will take time for a commercial model acceptable to all parties to emerge. As customers perhaps we also have to yell a bit more about what we want and eventually we will be heard.

    But imagine how good you would look in a suit if all you had to carry was a mobile phone! No wallet, no keys, no loose change, no PDA! 🙂

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  4. Christiene Says:

    Informative. This might just be another case of people failing to get the right groove of the technology. Lol

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