plumbs new depths

The former ISP of this blog is not 100% well regarded in this part of the world.

I sacked Streamline nearly 12 months ago but now they are trying to debit my account for another year’s fees.  I have been forced to change my debit card to stop them.

I enquired about how to cancel my account using the customer service support ticket system on their website.  This is the system that, as a customer, is the only possible way of getting any response out of

Now I no longer want to be a customer – guess what?  To close my account I have to call a premium rate number where, surprise surprise, I sit in a queue that costs me more than next year’s subscription.  No reply in 20 minutes.

Am I the only one that thinks this is shoddy?

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  1. Tim Says:

    Please help support the unofficial complaints site, and log your concerns here:

    Together we can stop these people

  2. Case study 3 « reviews Says:

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