Hard times inspiring IT innovation?

I picked up this from James McGovern’s excellent blog today:

“In case you haven’t noticed, we are in a recession and modern CIOs aren’t struggling with how to purchase SAP or other large dollar multiple year packages.  They are however struggling with how to optimize their processes, how to leverage the technology they already have, and novel ways to innovatively deploy products they have installed in their data centers.”

In my opinion hard times bring out the best in people.  Another way of saying this is that necessity is the mother of invention.

Innovation is not, however, the exclusive domain of the IT function.

I hope that what emerges from the current economic climate is a more harmonious relationship between IT and the Business.  One in which innovative ideas are shared and not owned by one side or the other.  One in which collaboration, delegation, responsibility and ownership are not dirty words but positive statements of adding value to the enterprise.

As you will see from older posts on this blog, the relationship between IT and the Business gets me fired up, so it has prompted me to start blogging again.

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