Complex IT programs need contingency

British journal, Computer Weekly, is reporting on a fallout between British Gas and Accenture over a billing system implementation.  I have neither fact nor rumour to comment on the legal case.  However, it is another example of how major IT programs carry inherent complexity and when things don’t work out quite as planned, for whatever reason, it is helpful to have some backup capability.

British Gas reported having to recruit “thousands” of staff at a cost of more than £180M.  Blue Prism works with a number of customers using its Operational Agility Software to help with projects that are de-scoped, re-scoped at short notice or where implementations are painful and require manual workarounds for periods of time.  Whether this be a conversion or migration issue, fulfilling incomplete scope, or coping with unforeseen last minute changes, Blue Prism customers have a back up plan.

I am interested in hearing other ways of insuring against major IT program implementation difficulties.

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