Sticking plaster mobile phone convergence

I wish my mobile phone was all I needed to carry around.  OK, it is already a phone, a browser, an email device, alarm clock, twitter client, compass, satellite navigation, games console, railway timetable, newspapers and, bizarrely, a magnifying glass.  But why can’t it also be my car keys?  My TV remote?  My passport?  My wallet?

Well, Citi have contributed to the debate by offering a sticking plaster solution, both virtually and literally.  A sliver that adheres to the back of your mobile phone and enables contactless payments of up to $50 at Master Card PayPass readers.  This is a proper workaround but hopefully it is proving the need for something more strategic.

Hopefully within my lifetime, we will all have a unique identity held (securely) within our mobile phone.  Every time we buy a new device like a laptop or car, every time we are permitted access to a new office, club or country, every time we want to make a small or large payment, the infrastructure around us will adapt to us.

At the moment the supplier of the service or product grants us a single unique interface (for example a key).  The future will be citizen-centric.

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  1. Ciaran Says:

    I wonder at what point during all this we will stop calling it a phone.

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