Robots will not take over the world

There is a strong argument that globally, automation increases wealth and creates jobs. Even those that refute this, surely have to admit that automation can reduce offshoring and create jobs in the UK and US. In the case of services industries, this means the BPO sector, and specifically the part of the BPO market that has used “labour arbitrage” to move work to lower wage destinations such as India and The√ā¬†Philippines, for example.

The impact of automation, and particularly robotics is raging around the world at the moment. In addition to coverage in the NYT and The Economist, British Computer Weekly is also joining the debate with this – Will software robots really decrease offshoring and increase UK jobs?

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  1. francis carden Says:

    Good piece here Alistair. I talk about the fact it used to take a 100 people to build 1 car and today, it’s probably 1 person who can build 100 cars.

    It is what it is but if you look at the call center and back offices workers around the globe, if you could automate just 10% of what they do, whilst they are doing it, the competitiveness / profitability goes through the roof. You get 800 people doing the work of 1000 or each worker working 20%-30% fast through “desktop” automation – you are effectively turning PEOPLE into their own robots.

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