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Gamification goes out of fashion

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Some great stuff coming out of BPO Analyst, HfS Research lately. This blog post from Charles Sutherland, for example, points to BPO research that has concluded that gamification is no longer seen as a strategic way of improving BPO performance, whereas automation, and particularly clerical process automation is seen as having much greater potential.

2014: The Year of the Robot?

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Blue Prism Chairman, Jason Kingdon, continues his series of articles at WIRED.

A robotic workforce isn’t just about efficiency, it can drive innovations like mass customization. As Jason observes, we no longer buy a car unit, we buy our car. The market and its customers are very demanding in this respect.

He also challenges Keynes’ theory of Technological Unemployment. Automation, he argues, largely benefits employment.

Finally, he challenges CEOs in all industry sectors to consider whether they have made best use of robotic automation, whether this be hardware or software robots. How many do you employ?