This is the weblog of Alastair Bathgate. I am CEO of Blue Prism, a British software company pioneering software robotics for the clerical back office.

For more than 50 years, manufacturing industries have used automation and robotics to transform productivity, quality and agility. Yet in service industries, operational managers’ options have largely been limited to sourcing decisions. Should we outsource or insource? Onshore or offshore?

Blue Prism is trying create a third sourcing option: robotics. Our robots are virtual. Made from just software, they sit on virtual PCs in data centres completing mundane rules based tasks, freeing humans to focus on the important stuff. Robots can’t do everything and they are not going to take over the world. But, they are reliable, fast, resilient, scalable, secure, and auditable.

My interests and the intention of this blog is to be at the intersection of customer service, business process, and IT architecture and robotics.

I believe that the role of the enterprise IT function is to deliver what the business needs and currently that means business agility and more local control.  In the past IT people have been too protective over technology and nowadays control should be shared with the business users wherever possible.  This industry trend is currently expressing itself in SaaS, Cloud computing and virtualisation, which many commentators think are threatening the traditional role of the IT function.

My interests outside work are limited by time, but I am into wine in a big (but totally amateur) way.  If you are too, you might wish to view my other blog at Confessions of a Wino.

If you want to contact me directly you can definitely guess my email ID at blueprism.com