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Sticking plaster mobile phone convergence

Friday, June 11th, 2010

I wish my mobile phone was all I needed to carry around.  OK, it is already a phone, a browser, an email device, alarm clock, twitter client, compass, satellite navigation, games console, railway timetable, newspapers and, bizarrely, a magnifying glass.  But why can’t it also be my car keys?  My TV remote?  My passport?  My wallet?

Well, Citi have contributed to the debate by offering a sticking plaster solution, both virtually and literally.  A sliver that adheres to the back of your mobile phone and enables contactless payments of up to $50 at Master Card PayPass readers.  This is a proper workaround but hopefully it is proving the need for something more strategic.

Hopefully within my lifetime, we will all have a unique identity held (securely) within our mobile phone.  Every time we buy a new device like a laptop or car, every time we are permitted access to a new office, club or country, every time we want to make a small or large payment, the infrastructure around us will adapt to us.

At the moment the supplier of the service or product grants us a single unique interface (for example a key).  The future will be citizen-centric.

Change of domain

Monday, April 12th, 2010

I have found a more relevant domain name – – that is no mean feat these days!

The old domain will redirect to this new one for a few months but you may wish to update your RSS feed now.

Operational Agility is here

Monday, April 5th, 2010

I have renamed this site to align more closely with my current thoughts and with Blue Prism’s proposition.

I don’t think this will confuse too many people since the weblog was idle for some time during which the traffic dissipated greatly.

This is not just another vendor CEO selling his wares.  I am more interested in exploring related, tangential and broader industry ideas.  I am interested in hearing from people with similar (or opposing) views.

If you want to read about Blue Prism you can do so at