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Am I speaking to a robot?

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Last week’s Economist ran an Outsourcing and Offshoring Special Report which contained an article titled Rise of the Software Machines. Mentioned alongside Blue Prism was IPSoft which caught my eye because complementary to Blue Prism’s back office focus, they are creating front office robots, that actually speak to customers. And more than that, they use autonomics to learn how to communicate in context. The website is worth a read, especially if you are a mathematics geek.

Rise of the machine

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Flak flying from the Horses for Sources article about Robotistan (see my previous post) has now reached the UK offices of Computer Weekly. Karl Flinders, on his Inside Outsourcing blog points out that “Automation software is providing businesses with a real alternative to cheap offshore labour” especially if the software enables business users rather than major IT programs to design and build the automation.

Is new technology an opportunity or a threat for BPOs?

Monday, June 18th, 2012

An interesting post from Karl Flinders today: How is technology changing BPO?

Karl outlines a range of technologies that are revolutionising the BPO sector and enabling BPOs to deliver new services to their clients more economically. So, the CIO of a BPO is in a powerful position, and the client is happy to benefit from reduced costs?

I am tempted to take the argument a stage further.

The “perfect storm” that Karl describes “as customers want to cut additional back office costs due to continued budget pressure, and at the same time suppliers are trying to create additional services and the revenues that go with them” could drive a new type of behaviour. New technologies “such as cloud computing, business analytics software, social media platforms and process automation software” are so easy to adopt, perhaps the corporate customer’s CIO will work out how to insource the work at the expense of the BPO contract.

Add to the mix political pressure (especially in the US) to repatriate offshored jobs, and the perfect storm could be very windy indeed.

Robotic automation: driving next generation BPO?

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Just reading through a “Outsourcing Business” pullout in The Times today. Lots of interesting stuff about Business Process Outsourcing and offshoring trends.

A common theme is how BPOs have used offshoring for labour arbitrage, or as one article puts it “Race for the bottom as companies cut costs”.

One new angle being explored, supported by a Blue Prism sponsored piece, is whether robotic software is going to start taking the place of offshore staff as a way of bringing new economics to delivering business processes, whilst increasing quality and speed.

The full pullout is available online. It’s worth more than a quick scan.