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Remember the Jetsons robot maid?

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Another interesting post on robotic automation versus offshoring from Ann All at Global Delivery Report. In addition to quality coverage, it does possibly, ahem, position Ann within a certain generation (indeed, my own). Do you remember the Jetsons? Bet you can’t remember the name of the robot maid – Ann has the answer to that too.

More bank processing woes

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Lloyds Group is the latest UK bank to have systems glitches leaving customers in the lurch.

I do have sympathy – the level of complexity in bank systems these days combined with the amount of security needed, makes occasional errors inevitable. Trouble is, a minor glitch can end up resulting in wholesale chaos. Who cleans up the mess?

In a similar incident, RBS had to put on extra staff not only in branches, but also the back office to complete the “mop-up” exercise.

When errors like this happen, clearly there has to be an inquest – what can be learnt to minimise the chances of a repeat? But there also need to be a remediation exercise to cope with the immediate aftermath, and the operational business front and back office usually bears the brunt.

Another great use case for Operational Agility software – let the (software) robots take the strain…